Danish Local Elections

Also Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee and 100 Maps Update

On Tuesday, Danes went to the polls to select their local elected officials. While I do not have any opinion on who should have won and know almost nothing about what the parties stand for, but it made for an interesting dataset. From a quick look, I did not see that Denmark uses precincts like the US, so I geocoded the polling places. I might make a version with percentages of the vote instead of raw votes because in some high traffic polling places several parties have lots of votes.


I put my name in for the 2021 Arbitration Committee Elections. If elected, I want to make sure that the update to the Discretionary Sanctions (DS) procedures gets finished. It was supposed to be done by this election, but a draft never got finished. One of the things I have learned working at Arbitration Enforcement (AE) is how difficult it is for AE admins, people being reported, and people doing the reporting. We need to rethink and retool the process to make it easier for more than ~20 admins to enforce our DS.

Editors can ask me questions here. Voting starts on 23 November 2021. If you have suffrage (registered an account before 1 October 2021, made 150 mainspace edits before 1 November 2021, made 10 edits in the past year, and is not blocked), please remember to vote.

100 Wikimaps

Only one map today, but I am working on one for the Minamata Convention and another for the Great Loop