Greetings from Copenhagen!

No real post today. My wife and I's plane landed yesterday in Copenhagen, Denmark after a sleepless, and rather bumpy, Atlantic crossing and bounce from Brussels. Wow, the CRJ900, operated by SAS as a regional plane, is a tight aircraft. My head almost hit the ceiling and I barely fit in the seat.

We are getting internet set up this week and I am exploring Copenhagen today, so no maps. I have a guest post for Thursday that should be of interest to public transportation wonks. I am working on a post for next Tuesday, but depending on our internet situation here it might be pushed to Thursday.

To tide you over, here is Nyhavn this morning from my self-guided walking tour of Copenhagen. You can't see it in the photo, but there are no COVID-19 restrictions here. It is 14:00 and I have seen only a single person with a mask on their face today.

If you are interested in travel-related content in addition to the normal policy/politics/geography stuff, let me know in the comments.