The Cotton-Feinstein Rule

Evaluating new policies through a thought experiment

It is difficult to evaluate new policies proposed by lawmakers and the executive branch. Policies are oftentimes seen through rose tinted glasses of having “your team” administer it over the short term, ignoring the fact that “the other team” will have access to the same levers of power in the long term. To combat this, I propose the following rule:

The government should not pass any policy, regulation, or law that you would personally feel uncomfortable if it was executed by a majority vote of John Yoo, Tom Cotton, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Manchin, and Kamala Harris.

The only way to combat rose tinted glasses are jade-colored glasses.

The basis of this rule is a thought experiment. What could you get two of those politicians and lawyers to agree is a fine use of executive power? I am pretty sure this committee would use Medicare For All to ban abortion, for example. I’m also sure this committee would have a more aggressive deportation policy than Donald Trump (they broke the law!) and use the NSA to listen in on all of our phone calls.

This Committee of Doom should make any well meaning ideologue think twice about handing additional powers to local, state or the federal government.