Who am I?

My name is Tom Fish and I am a Copenhagen, Denmark-based cartographer, Wikipedian, and writer. I was a geospatial technologist on a global health contract from 2017–2021. Before that, I worked as a GIS analyst on public safety and environmental projects from 2015–2016. More information about my professional work can be found in my academic CV.

I have been an active editor of the English Wikipedia since 2009. In my time on the project, I have written 2 Featured Articles, 6 Featured Lists, 8 Good Articles, and 40 Did You Know? Articles. I have served the community as an Administrator (since 2011), Checkuser (since 2016), Oversighter (2014-2018), and Arbitrator (2015-2016).

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife and our rescued Black Lab-Great Pyrenees Mix. For more info, check my website and my Twitter.

What is this?

FishEye is a weekly newsletter about geography, technology, politics, and culture and how they intersect. It is a vehicle for topics that I find interesting and are lost in the shuffle elsewhere. That means the topic of my posts can swing wildly from urbanism to technology policy to cartography and then off to Wikipedia insider baseball.

While I come from an American center-left, neoliberal, perspective, my posts are for people across the political spectrum. I avoid wedge issues and instead try to find topics that I feel are overlooked.

Where should I start?

Here are some posts from the past few months that I think would make a good starting point for a new reader. They give you an overview of the topics that I cover while also showing my perspective.

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