Maps for the Getaway is an occasional newsletter about how geography, technology, politics, and culture. I average 2-3 posts a month and least one of those posts tends to be map-focused. The name, Maps for the Getaway, was shamelessly stolen from an Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness song.

Who are you?

My day job is as a geospatial technologist on a health-related contract. Here is my academic CV for people who find those interesting. Additionally, I am the chair of the Neoliberal Project steering committee, an English Wikipedia functionary, a menswear nerd, and a champion beard grower. I live in the DMV with my fiancée and our rescued puppy. For more info, check my website, Twitter, and Exponents articles.

The content of my musings are own, and do not speak for my my employer or any other person, body, or organizations.